AI in Healthcare 

Do Patients Want AI in the Operating Room?

In fact, not only do patients place a high importance on choosing where to get surgery based on their innovative nature and adoption of technology, but half of patients believe they will receive better care if that is the case. Much of the literature about implementing AI technology in the OR views the issue from the perspective of the physician or healthcare organization. And while patient outcomes are a key force driving this discussion, patient opinions are rarely part of the conversation. So

Why Automation is the Key to Surgical Video Recording Success

Recording intraoperative surgical video and using an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to analyze recorded content is quickly becoming standard practice in operating rooms across the country. If your hospital or healthcare organization is embarking on the quality improvement journey offered by such platforms, it’s critical to understand their features to decide which one is best for your organization. One such essential component of a high-quality surgical AI platform is the ability to autom

Recording Surgical Data: What You Need to Know

Recording intraoperative video is not a new concept, especially for those who perform laparoscopic or robotic procedures. However, as the practice of surgery continues to evolve by incorporating advanced technologies, such as AI, into everyday care, the role of intraoperative video recording will need to shift to better accommodate and advance the use of these tools. How will this change day-to-day surgical care? What are the best ways to protect privacy and security in this new digital age of h

Surgical Outcome Reports Aren't Enough

In recent decades as evidence-based medicine became the standard of care, physicians and hospital systems turned to outcomes reporting as a means of indirectly measuring quality of care. Such information, especially when it is publicly available, allows for the transparency necessary to assuage patient concerns about the quality and safety of medical care and provides a basis for identifying systemic and individual opportunities for improvement. No other area of medicine lends itself to outcomes

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Surgical Care

In recent years, novel AI technologies have become increasingly available in the healthcare industry. From clinical decision support to documentation to diagnostic radiology, one thing is certain: AI in medicine is here to stay. While this may sound like a daunting assertion, the benefits that emerging AI technologies can offer to patient care and clinician workflow have the potential to improve outcome measures in ways that are not currently possible. As you can imagine, one area that is primed

How AI Can Improve Surgical Care

To understand how AI technology can be used to improve patient care, it’s important to first understand how AI tools can be incorporated into current surgical workflows. Because the power of AI rests in its ability to rapidly process large data sets and produce reasoned output, data that is currently routinely being captured in ORs in the form of intraoperative video recordings can serve as the input for AI tools. These specially trained programs can then process this input and generate feedback

The Role of AI in Quality & Safety Improvement​

In the matter of a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from being a topic discussed only by select innovators in the healthcare industry to one of widespread interest and endless discussion. In fact, one study found that the number of publications about AI doubled in the medical literature between 2014 and 2018. However, it’s always important to remember that quantity does not equal quality. In other words, AI tools are only worthwhile in healthcare if they improve patient outcomes.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The release of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence took the world by storm in 2022, leaving most casual users amazed at the type of content it could produce. Want to build a customized workout plan? Check. Want to rewrite your resume? Check. A list of topics for a dinner party or work lunch? Check and check. While it’s clearly impressive that ChatGPT has knowledge on an unfathomable number of topics, its primary awe-inspiring feature is its ability to rapidly create novel content that generally re

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